About us

Who we are?

YourChineseAstrology is a website providing free Chinese astrology information and some services including palm reading, picking up auspicious dates for special events, dream interpretation, baby gender prediction based on Chinese Gender Chart, horoscope predictions based on Chinese Zodiac sign, feng shui people's house etc. We have answered thousands of questions related to Chinese astrology for free and we are still doing this to help more people.

About Chinese Astrology Store?

This Chinese Astrology Store was founded in August, 2018 and is based in Xi'an, China.

'Men are subject to sudden changes of fortune as the moon is subject to the changes of being full and crescent, cloudy and clear.' To everyone, it's inevitable to have misfortunes in life. Wearing the right Feng Shui charms could bring good luck and change the fortune to the wearer to some extent. For example, people in Ben Ming Nian (one's zodiac year of birth) usually clash with Tai Sui the Grand Duke Jupiter, thus may suffer misfortunes and obstacles. In Chinese culture, by wearing red such as red rope bracelet, necklace or underwear, or Pi Xiu may help to avoid ill fortune or diminish bad luck and attract all good things.

Some people may find their luck in love, health or wealth is not so good. There are items that could help improve the luck. For example, by wearing the rose quartz zodiac bracelet, you may be more attractive and attract love more easily. By wearing the Citrine crystal charm bracelet or Pi Xiu, your wealth luck may be improved as they have the function to attract wealth.

In order to let more people enjoy good luck and get rid of the evil spirits, we opened the Chinese Astrology Store on AliExpress two years ago and the products are liked and well rated by many customers. After 2 years successful selling on AliExpress. We decide to open the Chinese Astrology Store from our own site. Here we mainly sell bracelets and necklaces with Chinese zodiac signs and Pi Xiu to bring you good luck. All the items are handmade with high quality natural stones and well designed. You couldn't find the same one in other stores. We value each individual customer. We offer the best shopping experience and best service. Do not hesitate to contact us any time before and after your purchase; we are committed to your 100% customer satisfaction.

Hope you have a happy shopping in our store. Hope the items you buy from our store could bring you very good luck in the future life!