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We mainly sell charm bracelets and necklaces with Chinese zodiac signs and Pi Xiu to help improve you luck. All the products are well designed, of good quality and provided with cheap price. We aim to offer the best shopping experience and best service. Hope you have a happy shopping in our store!

Picture of Red Agate/Black Agate 3D 999 Silver 12 Chinese Zodiac Signs Charm Bracelet for Female/Male Couples
Picture of 999 Silver 12 Chinese Zodiac Signs Hand Woven Red Rope Charm Bracelet for Good Luck
Picture of Red Agate Beads Chinese Zodiac Charm Bracelet to Bring Good Luck in 2018 Ben Ming Nian
Picture of Red Agate 3D 999 Silver Pi Xiu Charm Bracelet to Bring Luck and Wealth
Picture of A pair Natural Carved Pi Xiu Pendant Jade Beads Necklace Couple Jewelry
Picture of Rose Quartz 925 Silver 12 Chinese Zodiac Animals Charm Bracelet to Attract Love
Picture of Red Garnet with Plating Gold Red Crystal Pi Xiu Pendant Women Bracelet/Necklace
Picture of Natural Stone Lapis Lazuli Bracelets with 925 Silver Chinese Zodiac Pendant
Picture of Garnet Gemstone with Delicate  Green Crystal Pi Xiu Pendant Women Necklace
Picture of Natural Obsidian Pendant Eight Guardian Twelve Zodiac Natal Buddha Amulet Necklace