High Quality Genuine Natural Garnet Bracelet 5A Top Wine Red Garnet Pig Zodiac Sign Pendant

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Product Description

Material: 5A High Quality Genuine Natural Garnet Stone Beads
Bead Size: 4.5mm
Pendant: 925 Silver Pig Sign
Accessories: 925 Silver Beads
Color: Wine Red
Quantity: 1 Strand
Weight: 36.5g
Function: Bring luck and wealth; Exorcise evil spirits in daily life and Ben Ming Nian (One's Zodiac Year)
Packing: The bracelet will be well packed with two boxes, one carton packing outside and a delicate jewelry box inside.

About the Pendant

People under the Pig Sign are good to wear a bracelet with the Pig pendant. It could bring good luck and help to drive away the evil spirit. If you are under the pig sign, it's advised to wear it for life.

In Chinese astrology, in 2019, the Pig people will encounter Tai Sui, the Grand Duke Jupiter. So, fortune will fluctuate during the year. So, it's suggested to wear a bracelet with pig sign to help bring good forturn. It's also a good Ben Ming Nian gift for the Pig person in 2019.

If you were born under the following years, your Chinese zodiac sign is the Pig:

1947 (lasting from 01/22/1947 to 02/09/1948)

1959 (lasting from 02/08/1959 to 01/27/1960)

1971 (lasting from 01/27/1971 to 02/24/1972)

1983 (lasting from 02/13/1983 to 02/01/1984)

1995 (lasting from 01/31/1995 to 02/18/1996)

2007 (lasting from 02/18/2007 to 02/06/2008)

Main Functions of Garnet

1. The garnet is mostly favored by the female as it has the functions of eliminating toxin, improving blood circulation, and promoting the cell vitality. Thus by wearing a garnet bracelet, it could help to maintain beauty and keep young.
2. The Garnet is also known as the stone for a successful business. Put some garnets beads on your desk could bring you good luck in business.
3. It could improve the function of the reproductive system, enhance the regeneration capacity and speed wound healing.
4. Put some garnet beads under your pillow or wear as jewelry could cure depression. It helps you to think the past emotional wounds from a different aspect and face it peacefully.
5. The Garnet is a stone of purity and truth as well as a symbol of love and compassion. It has an overwhelmingly attractive than could help to bring happiness and eternal love.
6. To those who usually stay up late or feel tired during work, the garnet could help you restore physical strength quickly.
7. The garnet has the function of driving away the evil spirit and bringing good luck to you.

Identification and Degrees of Garnet

The garnet can be divided into five degrees according to its color, transparency, gloss, clarity, and smoothness. From low to top, they are AB, 2A, 3A, 4A and 5A.

The real natural garnets all have flaws or impurities. If it’s perfect, it must be artificial stones. The top one has a high degree of transparency and very few flaws. As the garnet has a much greater density than other crystal stones, its weight is much higher than them. You can also judge it from its weight. In addition, the larger the beads are, the darker the color will be and more impurities they have.




The Delecate Jewelry Box We Use

The box will be sent in random color.


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1. We will send the items within 5 days (in most cases within 2 days) from the time that your payment is done. However, if it meets the China national holidays, such as Chinese Spring Festival (7days holiday from Chinese lunar date of Dec. 31 - Jan. 6), we will postpone the dispatch time as China Post stops service during holidays.

2. We use China Post Registered Air Mail or e-Packet to send your parcel. Due to differences in customs clearing times in individual countries, we do not guarantee delivery time on all international shipments. Estimated shipping dates are 20 – 40 days.


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